We don’t work for assholes and we don’t work with assholes

Be humane

The world is a beautiful place, but not all of us can enjoy it. If we want to find purpose and help humanity overcome itself. There is no more important thing than to do it for each other.

Zoom out

In order to make something great, every aspect of the product lifecycle has to be taken into account.

You build a great product but don't spend time on marketing? You fail. You have a great design team, but only one mediocre developer? You fail. You have a great design team, development team, marketing machine, and forget to test your code or analyze your performance? You fail.

Share knowledge

The greatest way to learn, is by sharing. We believe that you have to set the stage from the start, host Meetups, open kitchens, and knowledge exchange days to learn from one another. Whether at your client, or at home.

Slow down

People often feel the need for urgency because they lack the power to say no, or because they have no power to say no. We believe that the best way to speed up, is to slow down. Work on those semi-important topics before you move on. 80/20 won't cut it anymore.

Be raw

And last but not least. Be raw, if you don't have the freedom to roll around over the floor with your shoes tied to your hands, what is the point? Freedom gives both energy, as it does purpose. Because freedom creates a synergy between people that allows them to be honest and feel at home.

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