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We think cannabidiols (CBD) are amazing, they contain all the health benefits of the hemp plant, without the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that gets you high. Sounds amazing right? But marketing a product like this is a little bit more complex than we thought, let me tell you why.


Hey Square One! We are Budi, and we want to sell CBD oils, they are made and tested in the Netherlands and we are almost ready to start shipping. Can you help us build an e-commerce website to help us sell the oils?


Of course we can! We have worked on e-commerce platforms before, so helping you launch your stuff should be easy enough! Let's work together 😁

Digging deep

The team already had experience working on e-commerce platforms, usually local platforms selling simple goods or start-ups selling a single product worldwide. However, all our best practices started to become irrelevant quite fast when we started to look into the world of CBD oils. Little did we know; CBD is not legal everywhere, and a lot of people are still very skeptical about the product. We started to map out the market, who is into CBD oils, and who isn't, and why? To find out the most information, we defined primary and secondary questions that we wanted to get an answer to over a period of two weeks.

Ahh, so that's why

After a round of online research, and a bunch of interviews with both people who were already using CBD, and those who are skeptical we figured out that most of the skepticism is due to miss-information and the lack of resources available to understand what CBD really is. A few clear needs started to arise. People who love CBD oil are curious about where to find the purest oils, and feel like ordering the oil should be a hassle-free process. These are generally younger people, who are sensitive to recommendations from their peers, and prone to information about health.

People who don't like CBD yet wanted to better understand what CBD actually is and how it affects their body, they feel like they need a place where they can get confirmation that what they are buying is safe, and actually results in a uplifting lifestyle.

This made us think

We figured that if we want to target both those who do, and do not like CBD oil, we need to enrichen both their experiences. For those who love CBD, we wanted to make ordering easier, faster, and paired with super simple customer service. We understood that we needed to build something that is easy to share, cool to Instagram, and something that influencers would love to talk about.

For those who don't trust CBD yet, we wanted to prove that Budi is producing incredibly high quality oils that is backed by laboratories testing the oils. And aprt from that we felt that it is important to help them filter out fake information from validated information. Making it easier to learn about CBD.

The result

Within 3 weeks, we were able to create the first style and website of Budi, we mapped out a collaborative marketing plan, which user research we still had to do, and a future roadmap.

Do you feel like checking up on Budi yourself too? Have a look here


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