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There are plenty of amazing customer relation management tools out there. But that often means they are also stuck in their own bubble. Syngi asked us to help them look for opportunities where they could excel in a market so defined. Of course, we said yes immediately; there is nothing like a task that seems impossible.


Can you help us do the impossible, and look for places where we can innovate the customer relation management market?


Yes we can! We decided to propose the full-time efforts of Thierry and Dylan to dive deep into the market and see what comes up. Nothing beats a tight research and design duo 👌

Deep dive

Before we can design anything it is important to have a clear understanding of the problem you are trying to solve and for whom. Now at the start of this project we had some trouble finding the right people to interview, so we needed a plan.

We decided that we were not sure about the problem Syngi presented to us, because back then, they believed that there was a direct need to connect more information to a single person or company in the CRM system. That would mean that everyone was a potential target audience, which can be fine, but we lacked the information to back this hypothese. So instead we did a market analysis first.

We looked at what other companies were doing, which similarities they had, and especially how they were trying to stand out from one another. It was amazing to see how 90% of the companies did not do very much to differentiate themselves from the crowd. And of course the other 10% had the same trouble we had, which is defining which problem you are trying to solve.

Once we had a bit of an understanding of the market we chose to invite 6 people from 3 different business sizes that were directly responsible for staying in touch and documenting customer needs.


After collecting a ton of information from the interviews and the market analysis we were almost immediately set on one topic that kept ringing our bell; people felt disconnected from their customers even if they spoke to them often. Something was missing.

We dissected the information and categorized them based on similarities, after which we ranked each individual topic based on recurrence; which means how often the topic came to light. We believed that if we could figure out why people felt disconnected from their clients and create solutions for those issues first we would have a good shot at the market.

After listening to our audio samples over and over again we started to look at which features our competitors were using to solve these seemingly emotional issues, and that is exactly when it hit us. There is no company out there that shows the interpersonal relationship status between the supplier and the customer. Therefore, it is incredibly hard to understand, how a customer is feeling about you and what symptoms to look out for.

Time to rock

Once you find something valuable to solve like described before the whole team gets a rush. This is a great opportunity to get everyone in the same room and start figuring out ways to solve the issues you have spotted.

Techniques like crazy 8's, liberating structures, and more can help you and your team completely overthrow any kind of stigma and sketch out hundreds, if not thousands of amazing ideas. And that is exactly what we did. We spend a week together with Syngi to share knowledge and come up with the best ideas to try based on the technical capabilities of their team and the data available.

Make it happen

After 50 hours of ideating it was finally time to make things happen, we decided to design for a desktop first minimal viable product approach so that testing our hypothesis would both be quick and lay a foundation for them to work on by themselves.


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