It's ok to feel good about the things that you do not know yet

Welcome to Square One

At the moment we are a small team, we just banded together somewhere early in 2020. With each one of us having quite a bit of experience in different disciplines we know exactly how the product market works, and also how it doesn’t work. We have seen everything from big corporates to small start-ups with each having their own bumps and bruises.

We don’t believe you can’t find our knowledge somewhere else, but we are absolutely convinced you won’t find the way we put this knowledge together anywhere else. Our ways of working, our beliefs, and our values are what makes us fundamentally different.

No matter who you are, we are Square One, and that’s where to start solving any problem. So feel free to drop by and tell us your story, we are more than happy to ask the questions others won’t.

Got an idea? Or a problem? Or maybe you know exactly what you need?

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